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In August of 2008, John Montgomery was recovering from hip surgery.  To help in that process, he rented a lift chair from a local medical supply company.   Immediately he began to experience what he thought was a rash from the medications he was taking.  To his horror he discovered the lift chair was infested with bed bugs.  And in a matter of days, John and his wife, LeAnne, had unknowingly spread them to other rooms of their home and realized they had a bed bug problem.

Like most people, the Montgomerys  knew virtually nothing about bed bugs.  They did, however, delve into research through books and the internet to learn as much as they could – and most importantly – how to get rid of them.  During that learning process, they kept hearing about dogs that were tra ined to sniff out the location of bed bugs. 

After their treatment program was done, they searched for a bed bug dog to come to their home to verify that their treatment program was successful.  At that time, the nearest bed bug dog was hundreds of miles away and it was not economically feasible to hire them.   So, after giving it a lot of thought, John and LeAnne decided to invest in their own bed bug dog.    

In January of 2009, they  launched Canine Bed Bug Finder.  Their dog, Hershey, is a friendly Labrador Retriever that has gone through countless hours of training, and was certified in bed bug scent detection by the Florida Canine Academy. Initially this was to be a part-time business, but soon after it started, John realized this needed to be a full time commitment.   So he retired from the hearing aid industry to devote full time to the business.  The Montgomery’s primary goal then, and still is today, to educate people about bed bugs and help their clients get peace of mind by pin pointing live bed bug activity through Hershey's scent detecting capability.

Today, Canine Bed Bug Finder is a multi-faceted business.  Hershey’s bed bug inspections continue to be the core business of the company. Recently the business expanded into equipment rental, and the company now offers its own Bed Bug Inspection Kit for Home and Travel.  It is available for sale on several bed bug products web sites.

Bed Bug Certifications:

          Florida Canine Academy      2009

          Pinpoint Canine Detectives  2011

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